Air Force Staff Sgt. Rebecca Rains was flying in a KC-10 Extender over Syria earlier this month when she took the oath of re-enlistment from a lieutenant colonel refueling his F-22 Raptor.

On March 3, Lt. Col. August Pfluger was refueling his aircraft 30,000 feet over Syria after completing his mission, according to Air Forces Central Command. Rains sat next to the refueling plane's boom operator and was sworn in by Pfluger, reciting the oath over headset.

Pfluger is the commander of the 380th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron commander, Rains' deployed unit. Before the oath was given, Pfluger told Rains about the mission he had just been on prior to coming up for refueling.

"He then said 'You ready to do this?' and I said 'Yep let's go'," said Rains. "He started the oath and I was kind of nervous so he had to repeat the first part; but from there on out it was smooth and I was able to thank him," she added.

Rains was sworn in just 11 minutes after Pfluger had completed his mission over Syria.

"Staff Sgt. Rains and her team had actually helped make the mission a success and participated in the development of this mission," Pfluger said. "She's an absolute superstar in a field of really talented people," he added.

The KC-10 had been airborne for nearly eight hours, with the refueling and re-enlistment happening right before the plane turned back for its deployed base.

Rains re-enlisted for four more years of service aboard the KC-10. She first enlisted in 2009, attending Air Force Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, in February 2010.

Rains had the opportunity to fly aboard F-16 during her first enlistment, an experience she referred to as "the second coolest thing" she's ever done besides her re-enlistment.

During her second enlistment, Rains intends to complete her undergraduate education so that she can commission as an officer. 

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