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  • A man takes a picture of signs and razor wire near an entrance to the Nevada Test and Training Range near Area 51, Friday, Sept. 20, 2019, near Rachel, Nev. People came to visit the gate inspired by the
    ‘Storm Area 51’ festival wraps up in Nevada; Earthlings head home

    The festivals are over and Earthlings from around the globe headed home Sunday after a weekend camping and partying in the dusty Nevada desert and trekking to remote gates of Area 51, a formerly top-secret U.S. military base long the focus of UFO and space alien lore.

  • A sign advertises state route 375 as the Extraterrestrial Highway, in Crystal Springs, Nev. The road boarders the Nevada Test and Training Range, the location of Area 51.(John Locher/AP)
    Festivals in Nevada towns near ‘Storm Area 51’ event get final OK

    The plan adopted by the commission involves a music festival for 5,000 people in tiny Hiko, and projections by Connie West, owner of the Little A'le'Inn motel in Rachel for as many as 10,000 people camping on her property for another event in the town closest to Area 51.

  • CORRECTS FROM HUTCHIS TO HUTCHINS -British IT expert Marcus Hutchins who has been branded a hero for slowing down the WannaCry global cyber attack, during an interview in Ilfracombe, England, Monday, May 15, 2017. Hutchins thwarted the virus that took computer files hostage around the world, including the British National Health computer network, telling The Associated Press he doesn’t consider himself a hero but fights malware because “it’s the right thing to do.’’ (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)
    Arraignment postponed for UK expert who halted WannaCry

    The arraignment planned for Tuesday of a British cybersecurity researcher, who was arrested last week in Las Vegas on federal charges that he created and distributed a malware program to obtain banking passwords from unsuspecting computer users, has been postponed until next week.

  • FILE - In this Monday, May 15, 2017, file photo, British IT expert Marcus Hutchins speaks during an interview in Ilfracombe, England. Hutchins, a young British researcher credited with derailing a global cyberattack in May, has been arrested for allegedly creating and distributing banking malware, U.S. authorities say. Hutchins was detained in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017, while flying back to Britain from Defcon, an annual gathering of hackers of IT security gurus. A grand jury indictment charges Hutchins with “creating and distributing” malware known as the Kronos banking Trojan. (Frank Augstein/AP)
    Computer law expert says British hacker arrest problematic

    A computer law expert on Friday described the evidence behind the U.S. arrest of a notorious British cybersecurity researcher as being problematic — an indictment so flimsy that it could create a climate of distrust between the U.S. government and the community of software experts.

  • Corry Hawkins appears in court Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016, in Las Vegas. Hawkins was sentenced Tuesday to life without parole for his role as an accomplice in a life insurance murder plot by a mother of four to kill her husband, a U.S. Air Force service member from Guam. (AP Photo/John Locher)
    No parole for defendant in slaying of U.S. airman from Guam

    A 38-year-old ex-convict was sentenced Tuesday to life in Nevada state prison without parole for taking part in a murder plot by a mother of four to kill her husband, a U.S. Air Force service member from Guam, for his life insurance worth $650,000.