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five-nation West African counter terror force
Allies worry as US ponders cutting military forces in Africa
As extremist violence grows across Africa, the United States is considering reducing its military presence on the continent, a move that worries its international partners who are working to strengthen the fight in the tumultuous Sahel region.
US military opens annual counterterrorism training in Niger
Six months after the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Niger led to questions about the military’s presence in the West African nation, the U.S. special operations command in Africa on Wednesday opened its annual counterterror exercise in the face of a growing extremist threat.
'Ghana First:' US military deal leads thousands to protest
Rallying behind the slogan of “Ghana First,” thousands of people in the West African nation have protested a new defense cooperation deal with the United States, with many in the longtime U.S. ally saying they worry the expanded military presence could attract extremists and harm their country’s sovereignty.
SOCOM commander: Regional coordination can counter extremism in Africa
Violent extremist groups and their affiliates are collaborating more in northern Africa, and regional forces must be built up and supported with deeper intelligence sharing to counter the increasing threat of attacks, the head of the U.S. military's Special Operations Command Africa said Monday.
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