The Air Force has selected 929 first lieutenants for promotion to captain, the Air Force Personnel Center announced Tuesday.

Among the first lieutenants selected were 795 in the Line of the Air Force, two chaplains, five judge advocates general, 97 in the Nurse Corps, 16 in the Medical Service Corps, and 14 in the Biomedical Sciences Corps.

The overall selection rate for the 925 officers who were considered while in the promotion zone was 99.6 percent. The selection rate for the 13 officers considered above the promotion zone was 61.5 percent.

Seven Line of the Air Force first lieutenants were promoted above the zone, and five were passed over for above-the-zone promotion. That's a 58.3 percent selection rate.

The one Biomedical Sciences Corps officer who was above the zone was selected for promotion.

See the list of selectees here. The selection statistics are here.